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BusinessofYOU™ Empowerment Group Experience

This empowerment group offers many benefits, including the opportunity for micro coaching in the areas of personal, professional, spiritual and financial development.

In the BusinessofYOU™ Empowerment Group, knowledge, experience, skills and a network is provided to support and encourage each other to achieve your goals. The combination of skills, knowledge and experience can provide you with what you need to succeed personally and professionally, with a team of like-minded individuals cheering for each other.

I have created a space where you are valued, supported, loved unconditionally and to truly help you know in your core and beyond any doubt, that you are not alone on your journey and during the season of life you are in. My approach is focused on growth, accountability, compassion, strong principles and a drive to continuously improve ourselves and our adaptation to change.

*We meet every month on the second Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm Eastern Standard Time*

What You Receive...

Video Conference

1. Valuable Feedback​

Collaborating with a group of peers with diverse experiences, knowledge, and skill sets can provide feedback from perspectives you haven't considered. This group intends to support one another, so you can be confident that the feedback you get will help, not harm you.

Working on your goals can sometimes feel isolating. Sometimes we're afraid to share our goals because we don't want others to judge us. Our feedback that is well-intended, well-informed, and well-timed can allow you to adjust your process quicker than you could by yourself.​

​2. Receive New Insights and Ideas ​

As a member of this group, you can ask for help brainstorming ideas, including the solution to a problem you've encountered. You can leverage the collective brain power of the group to see situations in a new way that points to a clear path to the solution.

3. Expand Your Network and Create New Opportunities

Collaboration is a critical element of this empowerment group. You may partner with someone in the group who is a perfect fit to work on a project, or a group member may know someone you would work well with.

Being part of this experience allows you to expand your network to that of the group members. Reciprocity is vital to its success, so you want to ensure that you're giving as much as you're taking.

4. Quickens Growth and Provides Accountability

Our meetings usually conclude with members sharing what they hope to accomplish by the next meeting. At the next meeting, each member shares their progress with the group. If there isn't any progress to report, the member will have to share where they got stuck, and the group will offer suggestions.

Accountability is an excellent way to motivate yourself to accomplish daily tasks and continue learning to develop your growth. You're more likely to achieve your targets when you make conscious commitments to people you respect.

5. Develop Positive Habits

While participating in this group experience, you can learn new habits by observing how fellow members act, think, and speak. You can get valuable learning opportunities from watching your colleagues and their experiences.  One of the skills you will master as a participant is giving and sharing feedback, which can be helpful in all relationships - personal and professionally related.

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