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Coach Pamela Horton

Knowing yourself is the foundation for absolutely everything. The BusinessofYOU™ Holistic Coaching Experience will help you uncover the beliefs and patterns that are working for and against you. You will get to know yourself even better while you develop and maintain deeply rooted confidence, self trust and inner peace.


This experience will help you build and fortify a strong personal BusinessofYOU™ foundation, in order to help you heal, grow, and enhance your life and career experiences. Without knowing the BusinessofYOU™ – inside and out – you are destined to repeat the patterns that brought you to where you are right now. 

Do you want to evolve, develop, and grow professionally, personally and spiritually?

You should know that this work is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to know yourself.  My coaching focuses on your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, self-leadership and the inner work, so you manifest the most abundant sacred outcomes in your life and your workplace  

What I Specialize In

Servant & Heart-Led

Leadership Development

Executive & Holistic Coaching


Spiritual Development


Who I Work With

Senior Executives, Managers & Aspiring Leaders

Are you looking to evolve your interpersonal, intrapersonal and executive communication skills?

Are you wanting to become your most confident and best heart-led leader so you can successfully carry out your role?

Maybe you could use a boost of empowerment for your professional journey to make the impact that you desire, but haven't figured out how to execute yet.

My unique, principled BusinessofYOU™ coaching will help you master self leadership and develop into the best version of yourself at work, home and in your community.

Executive Sales Professionals

Are you looking to improve your relationships, communication, confidence and self-esteem for greater impact and a significant increase in income?

Would you like to maximize sales rep performance and empower reps to positively impact the clients and sales organization? 

Are you looking for a process to support and equip every rep to effectively reach their personal quota as well as the team’s quota and goals? 

Are you desiring to grow your career ethically and make your career lucrative?

Working together we will uncover your signature gift that will be the catalyst and foundation for creating quality leads and inviting them to be your long term clients.

Entrepreneurs & Coaches

Could you use some help uncovering the core story that is holding you back?

Do you hear yourself saying I’m exhausted,” “I need a break,” “I just don’t have enough time, or enough budget, or enough support?” Maybe your repeated message is, “I’m not enough.”

These stories do not have to shape your life. My clients’ biggest breakthroughs happen when they realize the “core” stories they held so tightly to, simply aren’t true.

We will explore and disprove your internal stories that are holding you back for a significant and lasting shift in how you approach life and business. 


You will experience a new and confident worldview that is hopeful, exciting, and filled with possibilities.

Career Transitioners/Career Development

Are you looking to switch industries and navigate career transitions?


Are you ready to explore new career options and opportunities?


Maybe you would like to improve employee engagement, increase your salary, or create and maintain life/work balance and set boundaries.


Perhaps you're looking to stop the cycle of being overlooked for promotions or could use some help with handling a difficult manager.


Are you in a new role or job and need to find your footing?


Career paths are like fingerprints: no two are the same. Every career journey is unique and requires personalized support.


We will partner together to help you find or create a career you love or maybe you’ll fall in love with your current career all over again!

Meet Pamela

Executive & Holistic Coach

I have been described as many things... Master Career Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Speaker and Teacher.  Regardless of the label, what matters most is that this profession is my passion.


I’ve put tens of thousands of hours into my development as a coach. I am constantly evolving, developing, growing and refining my approach to coaching to ensure that I have the greatest impact on my clients, my loved ones, and my own life.

I challenge my clients lovingly yet firmly, so you can experience a deep shift and lasting change.

Pamela Horton Executive & Holistic Coach

What My Clients Say

Client Yully Ramirez
"Pamela has been an excellent coach. She has provided guidance not just professionally, but also personally. It's wonderful to have someone who listens and, most importantly, understands. She has helped me clarify my life goals, boost my self-confidence, and gain a new perspective on life where everything is achievable. I wholeheartedly recommend Pamela to anyone seeking to improve their professional and personal life. With her support, you'll become the best version of yourself.”  

Yully Ramirez, Regional Financial Controller at Czarnikow

How I Can Help You

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