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The BusinessofYOU™ Lecture Series

Are leadership, healing, and well-being tools and  practices important to provide your members and employees?

Are you looking for unique, fun, holistic and educational programs to offer your members or employees?

Do you desire to focus on supporting your members and employees in moving them from coping to healing to thriving?


Would you like to help your members or employees make lasting changes for the better from the inside out?

Pamela shares wisdom from her more than 35 years as a social worker, executive, serial entrepreneur and trusted advisor to C-suite leaders and the personal journey it took her from a young people pleaser, burnt out overachiever and under earner to emerge transformed as a leading leadership and personal, professional and culture transformation advisor to couples, entrepreneurs, leaders, global companies, and religious organizations, while learning to value her voice and wellbeing.


Invite Pamela to be a keynote speaker

Below are examples of some of her unique, educational and fun keynote topics

The Spirit of Water
Harness the Positive Power of Words
Spiritual Warfare and the business of you

Darlene Schweitzer

"I attended the wonderful presentation by Pamela Horton.
She was fascinating! I truly appreciate the opportunity to hear someone like Pamela. Her session was extremely informative. She did a wonderful job explaining everything. She is an excellent speaker. She was very kind, personal, extremely knowledgeable, easy to
understand and did a great job with the program. She even gave us a very sweet gift.
I hope we will continue to have people like Pamela here. I would welcome her back to learn more about other Holistic practices.
Anytime we can learn natural ways to help us feel better, I am all for that. Thank you!"
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